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Thomas is in recovery from a thirty-year addiction to pornography and lust that started when he was eight years old. His story gives hope that it is possible to escape from the dark trap of pornography and live in the light.

Thomas’s story is told through a series of brief “shares”. Shares are foundational to 12-Step addiction recovery programs, where participants tell the group about their recent successes, failures, regrets, and resolve. Shares are often raw and painful, opening a path for personal recovery and healing. Thomas's story conveys how involved his wife has been in their marriage recovery, and how much she has needed her own recovery from betrayal trauma. This book acknowledges that addicts must rely on God and emphasizes the Christian principles of love, repentance, forgiveness, and having a change of heart.


Dark to Light features cover and internal art by well-known artist Brian Kershisnik, used with permission. 

Dark to Light (paperback)

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