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About Destroy the Plague

Destroy the Plague is a husband-and-wife team dedicated to fighting the plague of pornography and its associated behaviors. They have been participants and facilitators of several 12-Step programs: LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program (ARP), LDS Spouse and Family Support Program, and S.A. Lifeline (SAL). Both have served as sponsors and supportive friends to many others seeking recovery. They have worked together in writing, editing, and designing their recovery resources. Thomas’s wife has worked side by side with him to repair their marriage and has found her own healing from the trauma of betrayal. As individuals and as a couple, they have experienced the miracles of change, repentance, forgiveness, and hope. They desire others to experience these gifts from God.

About Thomas 2.0

Thomas's life has taken a 180 degree turn since going into recovery from a thirty-year addiction to pornography that started when he was eight years old. His story told in Dark to Light gives hope that it is possible to escape from the dark trap of pornography and live in the light—free from lies, shame, and lust. Thomas hopes that sharing his journey will help others to enter the path of light in order to heal their lives and relationships. 

Why 2.0?  After beginning recovery Thomas started to feel like a different man. He began to loathe who he had been for thirty plus years.  He really wanted to change—and he was changing. His wife began to feel like she was married to a new man. She was done with Thomas 1.0 and the damage he had caused, and she noticed he was becoming less and less like that old guy. He was becoming Thomas 2.0—a new and better version. 

Why Anonymous?

Destroy the Plague's books and recovery resources were created with the motivation and desire to help others,  rather than for the authors to seek recognition. They have chosen to follow the principle of anonymity, which is an important principle of 12-Step programs. 

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