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Audio Meditations

Welcome to recovery-focused, God-based meditations conducted by Thomas 2.0


Thomas has greatly benefited from mindfulness and meditation as part of his recovery from lust and pornography addiction. But he has realized that there is a lack of meditations focused specifically on recovery from sexual addiction. Thus, he has created FREE meditations to provide safe, effective, and spiritual mindfulness for the benefit of recovering addicts.

Mindfulness meditation is proven to be very effective in the recovery process for pornography and lust addicts. It involves breathing techniques, awareness of the mind and body, and learning how to better control thoughts and actions. Through focused instruction and guided topics, Thomas shares techniques that work to gain progressive victory over lust and its associated behaviors.

What makes Thomas 2.0’s meditations
unique and effective?

  • They are God-focused. The majority of meditations out there do not include God.  But bringing God into guided meditations is powerful for healing and true recovery. 

  • They focus on addiction recovery topics. Thomas has been in recovery for 6 years, and he knows what it takes to stay sober and to have a real change of heart. The topics he shares are crucial for true recovery from pornography and lust.

  • They are primarily addressed to males. Most meditations accommodate both genders. But the audience for these meditations is men and young men. With this narrowed audience, the meditations focus on addiction issues that are common to males.

  • They are guided by a male voice (by Thomas 2.0). Many meditations are guided by a female voice, which is often not conducive to the recovery of male lust addicts. Being guided by a male voice helps a male addict to not be distracted, triggered, or feel unsafe.

  • They are aimed at both beginners and the experienced. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, these short mindful exercises provide peace, healing, inspiration, and answers.


May you benefit from these FREE meditations. Please share them if they are helpful to you.

"I have always thought of temptation and lust as one in the same. Learning to differentiate them one from another has been crucial to my recovery. These meditations are Christ-centered and are the perfect length to fit into a busy day. The Separating Temptation from Lust meditations are an excellent recovery tool."

~ Patrick S. 

"I have greatly benefited from The Affirmation Collection meditations. They are a great way to start the day on the right foot with peace and hope. These meditations are rewiring my brain for the better."

~ Christian C.

"Listening to these meditations has helped interrupt destructive patterns and self-talk that have historically triggered my addictive cycle. I appreciate how they specifically focus on helping those who struggle with lust and sexual addiction. Thank you Thomas 2.0!"

~ Brady E.

"The unique, God-focused meditations in The Affirmation Collection have been instrumental in my addiction recovery and restoration to wholeness. They have helped me sense the goodness within myself that I have so often struggled to see."

~ Jeff O.

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