"Dailies" are recovery actions you do DAILY. Dailies greatly prevent relapse, keep you humble, and help you to live in recovery behavior instead of addictive behavior.

Make a dailies chart and check off how you do each night before bed.


When I started recovery I had 5 dailies. After many months I went up to 12 dailies based on what I felt I needed. Currently I have 10 dailies. I'm not perfect at doing all ten every day, but I try.

The following are examples of various dailies I have found helpful:

  1.  Personal prayer

  2.  Scripture study

  3.  12-Step reading and writing 

  4.  Prayer with my wife

  5.  Journaling (could be Step Four Inventory if not yet completed)

  6.  Reciting an affirmation

  7.  Physical health activity

  8.  Receiving support from or giving support to another addict

  9.  Meditation (see meditations here)

10.  Serving my wife and children