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Hope for Latter-day Saint Teens

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A Take-Action Workbook for Stopping

Pornography Use and Sexual Misbehavior

Teens need effective spiritual tools for stopping pornography use and sexual misbehavior. Unless properly addressed and repaired, these habits and behaviors will not just “go away”. Teens will not grow out of it; they will grow up in it and with it.

There is HOPE! Youth can now access the spiritual power of 12-Step principles in order to get clean and stay clean. This take-action workbook guides young women and young men to rely on the Savior and His Atonement to repair thoughts and behaviors. It helps teens commit to a personal plan for change. This plan is based on 12-Step topics without focusing on the terms “addict” or “addiction”.  Hope for Latter-day Saint Teens provides a path that combats the plague of pornography and lust.

Hope for Teens includes: parent instructions, a "Truth Questionnaire", action prompts, a daily progress chart, scriptures and gospel quotes, and tips on lessening triggers and creating boundaries.

This workbook is for individual use. Destroy the Plague does not organize teen 12-Step group meetings.

Hope for Latter-day Saint Teens features cover and internal art by Asia, used with permission. Asia is a teen artist who has found healing through this 12-Step workbook. The Sun symbolizes light, healing, and hope. But it especially symbolizes Jesus Christ, who is our main source of light and hope. The inner circle detail of The Sun intentionally has 12 rays representing the 12-Step principles.  

“For a long while I desired to try out a 12-Step program because I heard how helpful it is for true healing, but I could not find a version for teens. Then I found the new Hope for Latter-day Saint Teens – what a blessing! I testify that this 12-Step workbook is truly inspired. I have experienced healing and positive effects in my life as I have worked this workbook. I have also noticed that when I slack off and neglect working the Steps, my progress is negatively affected. With the help of this workbook I have made enormous leaps and bounds in becoming a righteous and clean daughter of God. He has been by my side the whole time as I have implemented these 12-Steps.”

~ S. B., young woman

“In teen culture, pornography is easily accessible and often regarded as harmless. Sexual lust and fornication are frequently joked about in my school and community. I am grateful I have found truth, change, and recovery from these issues. This workbook provides great steps to help teens fight pornography and lust before it is too late.”

~  Q. C., young man

“This workbook has helped me to have a clear mind and a committed motivation towards recovery. It has taught me how to use the Atonement to stop my bad habits, and it has guided me through the process of honesty, true repentance, and change. While working these steps, I realized that I couldn’t heal on my own without Christ. I now have a personal testimony that through Christ, recovery and repentance are possible. I feel clean again.”

~  A. W., young woman

"Hope for Latter-day Saint Teens is a wonderful resource for adults trying to support teens who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior. As a therapist, I find it very helpful as I work with youth who are seeking to build recovery. This 12-Step workbook is an excellent tool with thought-provoking questions designed for real recovery and greater spirituality."

~ Jonathan Zabriskie, LMFT, Angel Oak Family Counseling

 “My teenage son has battled pornography, and he readily admits that a vast majority of teenagers struggle with this plague. Unfortunately, few know where to turn for help because of a lack of teen resources. This recovery workbook is a must-have for teens to help them obtain a change of heart through the Savior and His Atonement. I wish this workbook could have been available much earlier. Many young lives will change for the better because we now have a 12-Step workbook catered to youth. It’s about time!”

~  Annette

“This workbook is beautifully written and integrates the gospel of Jesus Christ with Twelve Step principles. The inclusion of scriptures and quotes from the prophets enriches the understanding of each Step. Hope for Latter-day Saint Teens is frank and hopeful. It helps dismiss the shame of pornography and gives teens the tools to overcome the stranglehold it has on so many. In reality, everyone’s lives are affected by pornography in one way or another. This is a battle we all must help fight. We must protect our children from this scourge. All of us have demons that we battle — acknowledging our dependence on Christ, being honest, and incorporating the Twelve Step principles into our lives are keys to conquering those demons.”

~ Lisa Barton

Hope for Latter-day Saint Teens is an essential lifeline for our youth. I say lifeline because the gripping plague of pornography is attacking our children violently and relentlessly. They need hope like they need air … as do parents who are searching for real tools and real help for their children. This inspired workbook replaces hopelessness and despair with encouragement, honesty, and faith. It guides teens to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. I’ve prayed for something exactly like this! This workbook will assist countless young women & young men in overcoming pornography and its accompanied behaviors.” 

~ Nicole

Parents & Teens: 

5 min. audio of a young woman's story of healing from the trap of pornography


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