Art Featured in Dark to Light 

The art of Brian Kershisnik has truly inspired us on our recovery journey. We are grateful for the permission he has granted to Destroy the Plague to utilize his paintings for this book. However, neither Brian nor his representing agency, New Vision Art, have been involved in the development of this book in any way.

The following seven paintings are featured in Dark to Light: 

Seven devils
© Brian Kershisnik, 2001. Used with permission.

Refusal to be healed
© Brian Kershisnik, 2002. Used with permission.

Burning book
© Brian Kershisnik, 2007. Used with permission.

Lovers fighting demons

© Brian Kershisnik, 2013. Used with permission.

Halo repair

© Brian Kershisnik, 2005. Used with permission.

Choosing everything

© Brian Kershisnik, 2012. Used with permission.

From a dark place
(inverted detail)

© Brian Kershisnik, 2015. Used with permission.


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