About Thomas 2.0

Thomas enjoys spending time with his family, particularly playing chess with his wife and building Lego sets with his children. He also likes playing basketball with friends. His life has taken a 180 degree turn since going into recovery from a thirty-year addiction to pornography that started when he was eight years old. His story gives hope that it is possible to escape from the dark trap of pornography and live in the light—free from lies, shame, lust, and deception. Thomas hopes that sharing his journey will help other addicts to enter the path of light in order to heal and change their lives and relationships. 

Why 2.0?

After beginning recovery I started to feel like a different man. I began to loathe who I had been for thirty plus years.  I really wanted to changeand I was changing. My wife began to feel like she was married to a new man. She was done with Thomas 1.0, and she noticed I was becoming less and less like that old guy. I was becoming Thomas 2.0—a new and better version. 

Why did I write this book anonymously?

One of my biggest regrets is that I have hurt and deceived many people through a lifetime of lying and destructive behavior. Writing this book would not be bearable if I thought my story would cause further damage to others. I wrote this book anonymously so that I would be free to share my thoughts and feelings without worrying about affecting all the people I have known, especially those I have damaged. I also have a strong desire to protect my wife and children, who, because of my wrongful actions, have already endured enough hardship. My writing and publishing of this book is motivated by my desire to help others rather than to seek recognition, and anonymity helps to reinforce that.

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