About Dark to Light - The Book

I share my recovery story with the hope of helping others recover from the plague of lust and pornography.
I desire to shine light on a pathway of healing for the addict as well as for the damaged loved ones.

In late 2018, I started to feel nudges from God to share my recovery story. “Why me?” I asked. Because my life has totally changed for the better as I have been living in recovery. The 12-Step Addiction Recovery Program, with its focus on relying on God and Christ to provide healing and a true change of heart, has transformed me. The desire to help others find hope and transformation is my motivation in writing and sharing this book.

My story is presented in short 12-Step meeting shares. Attending addiction recovery meetings has changed my life. Reading and working the program guidebook has brought about miracles. In my book shares, I write of the process of behavior and thought changes I've experienced in order to leave the dark pit of addiction and step into the light of recovery. My shares witness not only how involved my wife has been in my recovery, but also how much she has needed her own recovery from betrayal trauma. 

I am very grateful to the many professionals who have helped this book come to fruition: editor Matthew Corry, cover artist Spencer Watson, book formatter Clark Kenyon, and printing company McNaughton & Gunn. I feel blessed to have artist Brian Kershisnik's permission to use his art within the book and on the cover. Many of his paintings have been a special part of our recovery. However, neither Brian nor his representing agency, New Vision Art, have been involved in the development of this book in any way.

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